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January 15, 2019 in General Posted by |

Your Medical Record Reality Check: Getting The Right Help

Class action. Personal Injury. Medical Malpractice. Product Liability.

All of these cases require that an attorney seek out the expertise of an experienced medical professional.

Medical Doctors (MDs) are often top of mind in these cases. It’s an obvious correlation to make.

However, have you ever considered how time-consuming and expensive working with an MD really is?

Here’s the reality: most medical doctors maintain a daily practice, and their “attorney services” are simply a side job. 

Attorneys need work done efficiently to meet their tight deadlines. Unfortunately, this sense of urgency is not always echoed when working with a medical doctor.

In my experience, it can take several months for an attorney to even receive an MDs initial feedback. This is obviously not ideal when working under tight timelines.

Additionally, I’ve seen attorneys often unnecessarily pay MDs to sort through countless documents wholly unrelated to the legal dispute.

Let me present you with an alternative: Legal Nurse Consultants (LNCs).

LNCs are a resource that can help cut the delay and hefty expenses associated with sifting through inevitable mountains of medical records.  Furthermore, LNCs provide attorneys with the same expert case analysis that an MD would.

Legal Nurse Consultants are Registered Nurses with specialty training who use their extensive skill-set and knowledge of the inner workings of the medical system to assess and identify key facts that can greatly impact a case.

For a fraction of the price of an MD, LNCs efficiently summarize and condense medical records into easily digestible summary reports and chronologies for attorneys – meeting their deadlines and helping them achieve their goals.

In the event that an MD is ultimately needed, the LNCs work, including the condensed medical reports, can then be handed off. This alone saves the attorney thousands of dollars in expert fees. 

When working with a Legal Nurse Consultancy, an attorney’s case file is immediately assigned to a Registered Nurse (or team of RNs). That means any time a medical question arises, help is just a phone call away.  

By making this simple shift in the way medical records are handed off, attorneys save thousands of dollars, increase productivity, and see a positive impact on their bottom line.

What would life be like with all that extra time, money and certainty knowing that your medical files are being taken care of to the highest standards?


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