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January 10, 2019 in Education Posted by |

Considering Hiring an LNC: Here’s What To Look For

So you’re considering partnering with an organization of Legal Nurse Consultants (LNCs) for your case involving medical records. Smart move! Not only will this save you time, money and resources: but you can rest easy knowing that the medical evidence of your case is being handled by those trained to find game changing evidence and advantages that will help you achieve game changing results.

Whether you require expertise to screen cases for merit, summarize complex medical records, or identify and prepare critical medical evidence: a Legal Nurse Consultant is a strategic partner to support your efforts.

However, before you hire just anyone with a nursing degree: you’ll want to carefully consider an LNCs education and experience, in addition to several other factors.

Here are a few considerations to take into account when hiring an LNC.

Education & Certification

When hiring a Legal Nurse Consultant, you should be sure that they are a registered nurse (RN) with a college degree in Nursing. Serious LNCs have also likely pursued further medical-legal education, such as a specialized program that allows an LNC to officially become certified in the field.

Certification ensures that the consultant you’re hiring has passed a thorough examination that requires extensive knowledge of both the medical and legal field.

Beware: there are many practicing LNCs who are not certified, as the industry is relativity new and the regulations surrounding it are still being developed. A Legal Nurse Consultant must demonstrate at least 2000 hours working in the field before applying for official certification. Certified Legal Nurse Consultants must renew their certifications every five years through continuing education or re-examination. National Nurse Consulting selects its employees very carefully, and ensures that clients are working only with those that have demonstrated a high-level of experience and commitment to the profession.


The best legal nurse consultants have practiced in high-profile health-care settings and have a variety of experience in various departments and specialties. This can include intensive care, surgery, emergency room, psychiatric, pediatric, and labor and delivery.

Always ask a prospective LNC about their specific experience in both the medical field AND in the courtroom. A wide breadth of experience includes summarizing medical records, developing timelines, securing medical evidence, and testifying as an expert witness. This wide-ranging experience will ensure that your LNC has the background necessary to confidently advise and represent you and your clients.

Always be sure to check references from attorneys and medical professionals.


Ideally, you want your LNC to be a member of at least one professional association, such as the American Association for Nursing Consultants (AANC) or the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (NACLNC). LNCs should also be active in their communities and remain plugged-in to current best practices. They should also have a network of support for any unique questions or requests that arise, and a pipeline of resources (such as other experts) that they can call on your behalf.

Professionalism and Personality

An LNCs presentation is another important consideration. They should have strong oral and written communication skills to translate your medical records into language you and your clients fully understand. As medical experts who may be asked to testify, they must be able to explain complex medical situations in layman’s terms that allow members of a jury to comprehend and remember the important points you want them to consider.

Personality is another key point to keep in mind when selecting an LNC. You’ll be working together throughout the case, so take some time ensure your personalities and work styles mesh.

So Where Do You Find a Qualified LNC?

We’re here to help! While there are many LNCs working today, we’re the industry-leading team for a reason. We have the experience, education, certifications, references and professionalism required to meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations. Get in touch today. We would be honored to be the “secret weapon” that helps you achieve game changing results for your case involving medical records.


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