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Legal Nurse Consultant FAQ

Question #1: What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

Legal Nurse Consultants (or LNCs) are registered nurses who have an in-depth knowledge of both the healthcare and legal systems. They use this unique blend of experience to lend their expertise to attorneys and other legal professionals on a wide-variety of cases involving medical files.

According to the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, a Legal Nurse Consultants’ primary role is to “evaluate, analyze, and render informed opinions about medical issues, delivery of healthcare and/or health outcomes as they relate to cases or issues within the medical-legal arena”.

Question #2: Why are Legal Nurse Consultants hired?

A Legal Nurse Consultant can efficiently, professionally and cost-effectively assist legal professionals with their cases involving medical files.

Essentially, they’re trained to do the heavy-lifting when it comes to establishing the merits of a case; manage, interpret and analyze case files and medical records; develop detailed reports including summaries, chronologies and timelines; provide extensive research to identify gaps and advantages; assist with and attend depositions and trials; act as (or screen and prepare) expert witnesses, and serve as a liaison to attorneys, healthcare providers and their clients.

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Question #3: Why hire a Legal Nurse Consultant instead of a medical doctor?

While testimony in court from a medical doctor (M.D.) is sometimes necessary, in most cases: utilizing a Legal Nurse Consultant is a more cost-effective, time-sensitive and comprehensive solution.

The fees charged by a doctor may limit the scope and time permitted for reviewing medical files. In contrast, a Legal Nurse Consultant can quickly join a legal team to provide a more complete medical review are a fraction of the cost.

In any instances where an M.D. is required as an expert witness, a Legal Nurse Consultant (or LNC team such as National Nurse Consulting) can facilitate finding a qualified doctor within the correct medical specialty.

Question #4: How much does it cost to hire a Legal Nurse Consultant?

Hiring a Legal Nurse Consultant is an efficient and cost-effective solution for attorneys and other legal professionals working on cases involving medical files.

Instead of wasting valuable in-house resources with little knowledge of the medical system, and spending precious time trying to identify gaps and pulling together all the details of a case, a Legal Nurse Consultant is trained to do these tasks on your behalf in an efficient and professional manner. In the end: your timelines are met, it costs less money, and the job is done right!

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