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Whether it’s a class action, wrongful death, catastrophic injury or medical malpractice case, I call on Janice Dolnick and National Nurse Consulting.

Janice invests the time to understand the nature of my practice and completely invests herself in every case.  National Nurse Consulting becomes a vital member of our trial team by poring over, evaluating and analyzing mountains of medical records and rendering informed opinions on the delivery of health care and the resulting outcomes that bear on the issues of liability and damages. 

She brings to our team years of clinical experience, background and knowledge of healthcare standards, a network of medical and professional resources and contacts, and a thorough understanding of medical issues and trends.  Having worked with Janice on a number of cases, I trust her as a collaborator and strategist as we develop our trial presentation and prepare for cross-examination of key witnesses. If you care about your clients and if you care about winning, you need Janice on your team.

Callahan & Blain

I’m so grateful for the services and expertise that National Nurse Consulting has provided me on numerous occasions throughout my years as a defense lawyer working on personal injury, premises and product liability cases.

From merit reviews to medical summaries to detailed chronologies, National Nurse Consulting provides efficient and high-quality work that always exceeds expectations. Whenever I work with Janice and her team, I save enormous amounts of time and am confident that my medical-related cases are reviewed and interpreted thoroughly. This allows me to spend my hours focusing on clients and their needs.

I would absolutely recommend National Nurse Consulting’s services to colleagues dealing with medical records of any kind. The time, consideration and customization Janice and her team puts in to each case in unparalleled in the industry.

Law&Stein LLP

Since 2017, my firm has relied on National Nurse Consulting to assist us in case screening and to prepare merit review reports.  We have been very impressed with the amount of precision, organization and detail of the reports prepared by National Nurse Consulting.  These reports are very useful in all facets of litigation including discovery, trial preparation and trial.  I will continue to use National Nurse Consulting and I would not hesitate to recommend them to my fellow litigators.  

Ledezma Law Group

I retained Janice Dolnick in a complex child death case being prosecuted as a homicide.  Janice was informative, responsive and greatly assisted me in navigating through often illegible and complicated medical treatment records of the deceased child.  National Nurse Consulting can certainly assist in organizing, summarizing and most importantly understanding often complex medical terminology.

Law Offices of James M Crawford

The more complex and extensive our client’s medical treatment – the more we need National Nurse Consulting to help us organize the records and create a summary.

Janice’s clear medical summaries are thorough and help us make sure we haven’t missed anything before we take the case to trial.  With National Nurse Consulting’s medical summaries, we have a fully understanding of our client’s treatment history so we can focus on all of the other aspects of trial.

Roberts Law Firm

The people at National Nurse Consulting know how to respond to the demands of modern litigation.  I have been nothing but happy with their breadth of knowledge; their experience; and their ability to distill the medical jargon into a form that can be easily used to tell the story of your case.

McMahon Lynch Law Firm, Inc.

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